Orlando bound

*goes to an Ariana Grande meet n greet*


me: honestly I know you’ve been talking shit and this is the last time I’m gonna tell you to keep my name out of your fucking mouth you bitch *throws drink*

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When Iggy thought she could come at Snoop, she didn’t realize she was auditioning for Drag Me to Hell 2

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my transformation into a bitter angry old woman is almost complete

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"omg im so tired i only got 7 hours of sleep last night"


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Dead asss 😁😁😁😁

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Life on Mars, David Bowie (1973) and Jessica Lange (2014).

The boot!! #Oktoberfest #beer #chug #boot #whooo

Happy Oktoberfest!!! #beer #boot #Oktoberfest

"Before she was signed, she auditioned for an all-male reggae boyband. In one of her first videos, she grew muppet legs and declared “we are the spoons”. Another single, Obsessions, described her crippling indecision in the local supermarket’s biscuit aisle. Imagine Beyonce singing that. You can’t. She’d just buy all the biscuits, smash them to bits, bake them into a cheesecake and ice an empowering feminist message on top. Which is impressive, obviously, but not very relatable.        

Marina’s songs are irreverent, playful, occasionally juvenile and always unpredictable, especially in the light of her newest song, Froot. Released today in celebration of her 29th birthday.”

Welcome back, Marina. Pop was duller without you. 

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"i SAID what games u got on ya phone"

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  • Me: I met a boy.
  • Me (two days later): nevermind